The Scientific and Engineering Center (SciEnCe) is a public organization of scientific employees, engineers and leading specialists of academical, departmental institutes, higher schools and enterprises.
The SciEnCe's main task is assistance to the direct contacts of the authors of most outlookable ideas and proposals with concerned companies, enterprises and organizations.
We offer
  • the qualified expertise of scientifically-engineering proposals, projects and ideas;
  • the search of enterprises, firms and organizations ready to actualize perspective developments;
  • fruitful projects for investors and organizations:
We can
  • carry out necessary investigations, analysis (synthesis), estimations and experiments;
  • obtain conclusions, certificates and permissions from authorized organizations;
  • assist to purchase necessary materials, equipment, apparata, etc.


We carry out
  • the picking-up of documentation, deeds and statements on certain subjects;
  • presentations, conferences and advertising campaigns;
  • ideas and proposals competitions with their subsequent realization.
Доска деловых объявлений АЛЬФА-ИНТЕК - бизнес-объявления,
информация, реклама, товары, услуги, бартер

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